Taking a moment to step away from the debate…

In the forest today, I noticed a single thread of spider silk stretched loosely between two pine branches.  It undulated slowly in the wind, occasionally catching the sun and giving itself away.  I stared at it for a time, watching the world inhale and exhale.  I marveled at how delicate it was.  I thought ofContinue reading “Taking a moment to step away from the debate…”

Gifts from the Nature Spirits

I took an overdue walk in the forest today.  My bronchitis and some severe rain kept me inside for a week or so.  I couldn’t resist the pull any longer.  It was raining a bit today, but not enough to soak me to the bone and obscure my vision.  It was rather atmospheric actually.  InContinue reading “Gifts from the Nature Spirits”

Nature Walks and Staves

My cough hasn’t completely gone away, meaning I haven’t been able to meditate again.  I made up for it ten-fold by going into the forest for a long time by myself.  Something about the experience feels meditative in some way – very peaceful and clarifying.  There’s also an exhilaration born from excitement, personal triumph, andContinue reading “Nature Walks and Staves”