Website Envy and Other Things

I felt really ill yesterday due to hormonal issues.  I accomplished nothing after work. I don’t feel fully restored tonight, but I’ve already been more productive than yesterday!  I did some work on a doll and did a quick ritual to promote healing in the areas surrounding the oil spill.  CedarLight Grove is encouraging everyoneContinue reading “Website Envy and Other Things”

The Obligatory Earth Day Post ;)

I’m definitely in the camp that thinks “Earth Day should be everyday!”  The physical Earth will endure until the universe itself decides to swallow her up.  We’re more apt to destroy ourselves than the whole Earth.  I was always very moved by this poem by Sara Teasdale.  It captures something of the truth of Nature.Continue reading “The Obligatory Earth Day Post ;)”

Gardening and Relationship to Deity

I’ve been collecting pots, soil, and seeds.  I’ve started to plant and have some seedlings.  I’ve been crocheting hanging pot holders.  I’m awaiting another order of heirloom seeds.  Needless to say, I love gardening and I can’t wait to really get underway.  The last possible day of frost in the North Country is projected toContinue reading “Gardening and Relationship to Deity”

TGIF and Doxtater’s Farmers Market

I don’t know if it’s the moon, the season, my hormones, or my lifestyle (it’s probably a combination!), but I have been one tired Pagan as of late. It seems that I want nothing more than to sit on my bum and vegetate after work. I’m sorry to say that our home is not asContinue reading “TGIF and Doxtater’s Farmers Market”

Making a Cultural Shift

There’s a lot of talk among environmentalists about making a cultural shift. There’s no way around it – it’s going to have to happen if we as a species want to survive. It’s also going to have to happen if we don’t want to dramatically damage the homes of countless life. (A lot of peopleContinue reading “Making a Cultural Shift”