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I do consider Samhain to be the beginning of my spiritual year, but I also cannot deny the status quo in regards to modern society.  Generations have looked to the point between December and January as the threshold to a new year and the continual existence of all. I can’t deny the power associated with such a movement, even if I don’t always observe it with much excitement.  Last year I spent it quietly with my husband.  We relaxed.  This year, I’ll likely spend it helping my sister move and then celebrating with some of my tribe.

Another thing I want to do is clean my home as best as I can.  Many people believe that what you do at the end of the old year will follow you into the new year, and that we should strive to surround ourselves with the qualities we want to fill our lives with.  I want my apartment to be cleaner and I want to take more time making it thus.  I spent some time today cleaning and organizing the kitchen.  There is still work to be done but it’s slowly getting better and more user-friendly.

I also find myself looking forward to the green half of the year.  With the Winter Solstice pretty much over (I plan to take my decorations down on the 6th.  There’s an old Irish belief that it’s unlucky to do so before or after.), I find myself excited for Beltaine.  I feel a bit bad about that since I don’t feel as giddy over the next high day, Imbolc, which is sacred to my blessed Lady Brighid, but to me that’s more of a quiet holiday for counting one’s blessings.  The Spring Equinox has never been that festive to me either.  Beltaine, though, is another story completely.  The ground will finally be completely or in the process of thawing.  The leaves will be blossoming and the robins will assuredly be back by then.  It is when my grove erects a May Pole and we dance about it to provoke the Earth Mother into fecundity.  It is a flirtatious and celebratory time!  I find myself excitedly looking through seed catalogs and humming Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May”…

This time of year is also when I find myself a new calendar.  This year I am going to use  The Artisans Guild of Ár nDraíocht Féin 2011 Calendar.  It supports the guild I belong to and features the work of several amazing Pagan artists – including a couple of my dolls!

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I’m feeling pretty good today.  I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching and research this month.  I’ve been making changes, thinking about them, tweaking them…  I’ve been reflecting on my spirituality and other spiritualities.  I feel like I found a happy medium today, and that I am at peace with myself and my relationship with everything.  This last month has been a journey/experiment.  I feel that I’ve found a balance I’m happy with and spiritually secure in.

In other news, I’ve been working on a drawing*.

I know it’s kind of difficult to see.  I’m not done with him yet, and I actually want to go over him with a fine pen.  It’s the first drawing I’ve done in a couple weeks.


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First off, a doodle I’ve been toying with tonight.* I was experimenting with some charcoal. Not really done but thought I’d share.

I was really hopeful to get one of my books on magic in Northern Europe today. I can’t wait to start the ISP! In the meantime, I’m slowly working my way through some online drawing tutorials while coming up with sources for my muse essay.

In other news, I decided not to attend the Watertown CUUPS ritual tonight. I’m really congested and I can’t participate well in a group meditation when I feel like I can’t breathe. I hope they enjoy themselves!

Finally, I thought I should mention that I found my missing oath ring! It was hiding in a laundry basket. My hand feels less naked! Out of curiosity, do any of you have spiritually significant jewelry? What is it, where do you wear it, and what is the symbolism behind it?

* For my lj friends: http://adfcatprints.blogspot.com/

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Another Sketch*

I did this yesterday after work.  I wanted to sit outside on the patio and sketch something, deciding on a fallen oak leaf.  I borrowed a stone from my “fairy pot” to keep the wind from blowing it away.  I had a lot of fun with this drawing and am really proud of how it turned out.  The sun was setting when I drew it which created some really great shadow effects.  Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to make that shadow behind the leaf, the sun had dipped behind the trees so I had to guess.  I much prefer drawing leaves to teacups and Xbox controllers!

* For my lj friends: http://adfcatprints.blogspot.com/

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Sketchy sketches

I don’t know if it was the sudden decrease in temperature, the rain, my inability to sleep last night, a combination, or something else entirely, but I felt like crap this morning.

Anyway.  I think I’ve finished my working outlines as required by the Artisan Guild study program.  I want to give them another read before I send them in tonight.  I hope they’re acceptable.  I’ve decided to focus on drawing as my second medium.  My explanation is in my drawing outline which I will post once I’m happy with it.  Anyway, I’ve been drawing on and off for years.  It’s been awhile so I’m really rusty.  Here’s what I’ve been toying with. *  Excuse the fact that they are web cam photos rather than scans.  I couldn’t be bothered to get the scanner connected to my computer for these. **

This is my teacup from yesterday morning’s breakfast.  I did some shading today after I realized, to my horror, that I put the cup in the sink before I was finished with the lighting.  So…  it’s a little wonky and you can tell I’ve not been shading for a long time.  My husband (bless his honesty) pointed out that the proportions and/or the perspective is a little off.  I knew there was something off but it took a second pair of eyes to really help me figure out what it was.

Here’s my husband’s Xbox controller.  This was challenging because of all the curves.  I don’t think I’ve ever drawn anything like it so it was a fun practice.  Again, things don’t seem quite right but I’m still proud of what I was able to accomplish!

* Please don’t laugh.  I’m getting back into the groove of a hobby I was never very good at to begin with! 😛

**  Again, for my lj friends: http://adfcatprints.blogspot.com/

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