Mushrooms in my Garden

I’ve got a few tiny mushrooms in my garden.  According to everything we’ve been reading, the veggies are safe and the mushrooms can indicate good soil and benefit the plants.  The shrooms themselves are not edible but the plants will not be contaminated.  We think they’re conocybe albipes.  Pretty neat! In other news, my interestContinue reading “Mushrooms in my Garden”

Some Developments

1) As stated earlier, I’m an official member of Muin Mound Grove.  That means I can plan rituals and run for office.  So, I am running for grove secretary – unopposed.  LOL  Our current secretary is going to be the new Senior Druid since the old one is MIA.  Some of you who know meContinue reading “Some Developments”

Art, Books, and Joy

First of all, here is my new Deviant Art page.  I still have a lot of dolls to upload (not to mention some profile tweaking) but those are the most recent works.  I’m currently stitching a new fairy doll.  Fairies were the most popular (as far as sales and compliments went) at Wellspring, and IContinue reading “Art, Books, and Joy”

Let me introduce you to Sif!

Sif is a Norse Goddess.  She’s Thor’s wife and is known for her beautiful, golden hair. Here is my interpretation of her.  She’s sitting in the forest with her horn of mead. Here is a closeup of her sitting in a tree. Sif is a one of a kind art doll and is not aContinue reading “Let me introduce you to Sif!”

Oh the things people leave behind in forests…  It was nice to be outside, for however short, and begin cleaning up.  I got to see several tiny snails which was fun.  I also made a little cairn under a pine tree in tribute to the land Goddess. Otherwise my day was spent inside.  Sif isContinue reading