Episode 26 of Standing Stone and Garden Gate

If you’re not listening to the amazing podcast “Standing Stone and Garden Gate,” you really should give it a try.  The most recent show, episode 26, is especially good.  Brendan Cathbad Myers does a segment on wisdom circles, but the discussion Juniper has with hedge witch John Pwyll is spectacular!  Check it out here.  Really inspiringContinue reading “Episode 26 of Standing Stone and Garden Gate”

The Importance of the Axis Mundi in Ritual

I have another link to share with you, this one from one of my favorite blogs – The Witch of Forest Grove.  This particular entry is about the importance of the world tree in ritual, whether you are of Indo-European influence or a witch.Check it out for a good read! ( For My LJ Friends:Continue reading “The Importance of the Axis Mundi in Ritual”


My new favorite blog, Adirondack Almanack, has a great entry about daddy-longlegs.  I knew they weren’t actually spiders, but I had believed that they had truly poisonous venom that they were incapable of delivering to us.  According to Ellen Rathbone, a biologist and environmental educator in the Adirondacks,  those are urban legends. I’ve always likedContinue reading “Daddy-Longlegs”

Follow These Blogs!

I want to take a moment and promote a couple blogs just started by people in my tribe.  One is called Rambled Mind  and will be a place of art and ramblings by a talented individual.  The other, O-C-Designer, is a blog about interior designs, environmental materials, and doing so while dealing with OCD (by anotherContinue reading “Follow These Blogs!”


Jason Miller, from the infinitely fascinating Strategic Sorcery, wrote a wonderful post about morality and magic.  I do think there can be a time and a place for curses, but I agree with him that they are generally not necessary or even moral.  Great read! ( For My LJ Friends: http://adfcatprints.blogspot.com/ )