Looking Forward to the New Year

I do consider Samhain to be the beginning of my spiritual year, but I also cannot deny the status quo in regards to modern society.  Generations have looked to the point between December and January as the threshold to a new year and the continual existence of all. I can’t deny the power associated withContinue reading “Looking Forward to the New Year”

Spirituality and Art 1: Art Muse Essay

Brighid: My Muse By Grey Catsidhe 6/24/10   Ever since I felt myself welcomed at the hearth fires of the Tuatha Dé Danann, one Goddess has stood out as a kind of mother figure and muse to my heart – Brighid.  She was a popular Goddess in the past and remains so in the present. Continue reading “Spirituality and Art 1: Art Muse Essay”

Artisan Guild Study Program: Working Outline

As part of the Art Guild study program requirements, I am to choose two mediums to focus on.  It was suggested they should force me to focus on different dimensions, brain power, and physical movements.  Choosing a first medium was effortless.  Deciding on a second was a little more challenging, but I think I haveContinue reading “Artisan Guild Study Program: Working Outline”

Ferret Love!

I was editing my “About Me” section and decided to add a link to my Deviant Art page.  I was really behind in my messages so I went through and saw this amazing piece by the always impressive Ravenari.  Kissing ferrets!  How adorable!  (I love ferrets.  I share my home with two of them.)

Busy Sewing (Image Heavy!)

In anticipation of an upcoming craft/art show, I’ve been sewing like a mad woman.  Some of my creations aren’t done yet, so I’ve not bothered to photograph them.  I have three large dolls in the works.  One is nearly done.  She just needs shoes.  I felted some grapes for the second.  They need leaves andContinue reading “Busy Sewing (Image Heavy!)”

Artist Trading Cards and Temporary Foot Tattoos

As previously mentioned, The Artisan Guild in ADF has started making and exchanging artist trading cards.  It’s such a neat idea – I had to be in on it!  Here’s the card I made and sent to Dohle. The lighting wasn’t the best when I took the photo (I should really get around to makingContinue reading “Artist Trading Cards and Temporary Foot Tattoos”