I love getting books!

As some of you may remember from a previous post, I was recently accepted into the first circle of the Artisan Guild study program within ADF.  I am to explore the historical, technical, and spiritual aspects of art, focus on two mediums, and work with a deity associated with art.  The historical bits are onContinue reading “I love getting books!”

Thinking About a Working Outline

One of the technical requirements in the first circle of the guild study program is for me to select two mediums and work with them. The first is obvious – sewing. For the second, the guild suggests choosing something very different, like sculpture, jewelry making, or wood carving. I’m not sure what my second mediumContinue reading “Thinking About a Working Outline”

I was officially accepted into the first circle of the Artisan Guild study program. Huzzah! While I contemplate the book situation, I have various technical and spiritual areas that I can focus on. Expect to see the fruits of my labor lovingly posted here on my blog.

Visiting the tribe, traveling altars, and study programs.

We took the weekend to visit some of our tribe in Utica. We spent a majority of it with my parents which was lovely. We had a belated birthday dinner for my father and watched a couple movies with them. We also spent some time with some friends/in-laws. I’m not sure what to call themContinue reading “Visiting the tribe, traveling altars, and study programs.”