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North Country Author and Druid

Budding clairvoyant Lacey Moran seeks to understand her dreams and find her life’s purpose along the St. Lawrence River. If only her visions of silver arms and Cian O’Connor’s blue eyes were easier to understand! The pieces begin coming together when she encounters a mermaid in the river, joins a group of Druids, and opens herself to romance with an old friend.  

Can Lacey overcome her doubts, or is she in over her head?

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You can now pre-order an e-book of my debut novel, River Magic, here! The e-book and paperback will be available on October 31, 2020, from Shadow Spark Publishing!


M.A. Phillips has written and published various stories about contemporary Pagans featuring elements of magical realism, romance, bonds, and environmentalism. Her debut novel, RIVER MAGIC, is available for pre-order through Shadow Spark Publishing. The paperback will be out October 31st!


Mythology, folk magic, and the environment inspire M. A. Phillips’ other creative passion – fiber art. Her grandparents and parents taught her how to sew as a child. She has shared and sold various creations over the years, including One of a Kind (OoaK) fabric art dolls for display or spiritual work.


Having embraced a polytheistic path, M. A. Phillips studies Irish mythology and folklore. She completed her Dedicant Path with ADF in 2009, and is a founding member of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF.

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