Make Room on Your Witch Lit Bookshelves!

A year ago, I was basking in an authorly glow after rapidly publishing three Rituals of Rock Bay novels with Shadow Spark Publishing over several months. The exhaustion had subsided some, and so I set out to once more participate in Camp NaNoWrimo with the very relaxed goal to start plotting a new novel. An idea had taken seed–something unrelated to Lacey, Cian, and the others. Slowly, a fresh set of characters grew, and Plant Lady blossomed into a manuscript I couldn’t set aside. 

Here we are, July again, and I have exciting news! I’ve happily contracted with Shadow Spark Publishing to bring Plant Lady to life for everyone to enjoy! 

Not the official cover.

Plant Lady by M. A. Phillips – Coming in 2023!

Plants are easy. People…not so much.

Fern is a practicing witch with a green thumb. She’s earned an enchanting reputation for helping people improve their fortunes at her tiny plant shop in Utica, NY, but she’d trade it all to reclaim her grandparents’ garden nursery.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when an ex-boyfriend suddenly appears at her Pagan circle’s meetup as they plan for their annual witches’ ball. Will he uproot this Plant Lady’s plans, or will new opportunities bloom?

After a relatively long rest, I’m so excited to be in this position again! Keep your eyes peeled for snippets, character art, and eventual giveaways as we get closer to the release of Plant Lady.

As always, thank you to everyone who supports me. I wouldn’t be here without readers!  


Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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