Hearth Magic Cover Reveal and Blurb!

I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog because I’ve been a writing, revising, and editing machine these past few months! My debut novel, River Magic, released on Samhain, but I couldn’t sit around celebrating too long! I had to dive back into the thick of things to get its sequel ready for you!

Hearth Magic came to me while I was still working through River Magic. Without spoiling its predecessor too much, I knew I wanted book 2 to focus on redemption and further explore the concept of found family. I also wanted to dive deeper into the implications of the mermaid and how the reality of the spirit world impacts other characters. Rest assured, there will be more Cian and Lacey and more with the Druid grove. I know many of you are still reading River Magic, so let’s just say there’s a very special sort of ritual at the end of the sequel.

Without further ado, here’s the glorious cover for Hearth Magic! Read on for the blurb and some teasers.

The e-book cover of Hearth Magic surrounded by various magical and whimsical items as explained below in the key.

The cover in all her glory! Much gratitude to the artists, Jess and Chad Moon of Shadow Spark Publishing. They created an oil painting look with a blend of rosehip tea, sparking incense, and flame for a genuine touch of kitchen magic!

Hearth Magic Blurb

After the events of River Magic, Cian O’Connor and Anthony Russo must grapple with their relationship to the land, the spirit realm, and each other. One man wants to support Lacey and protect her from another otherworldly maelstrom. The other needs her help as he confronts an angry presence in his home so he can move on with a new lover.

Are Cian and Anthony’s lives more entwined than they ever imagined?

“The medium, the conservationist, and the poacher, all drawn together by a cord of fate.”

A new Rituals of Rock Bay tale featuring kitchen magic, romance, redemption, and the spiritual bonds that link us.

Pre-order the e-book of Hearth Magic on January 2nd, 2021! The paperback and e-book will be available via Shadow Spark Publishing on February 2nd. Happy early Imbolc, my lovely readers!

To further entice you, here’s a key to everything in my first image:

I enjoy doing book layouts for my Instagram, and try to pack as much meaning behind them as possible. Everything here has something to do with the plot and themes of Hearth Magic.

  1. Gnome – They’re awesome, aren’t they?
  2. My late great grandmother’s old tea ball
  3. A Brigid cross, a symbol of the Irish goddess
  4. A glass bottle for potions, like herbal syrups
  5. A cookie-cutter passed down to me from my great-great grandmother
  6. A tiny beeswax taper candle
  7. A small cast iron cauldron from my mother’s old toy stove. I use this on my altar to hold candles, incense, or spent matches.
  8. Dried thyme grown from my own garden
  9. An assortment of dried herbs I use in blending tea or incense – star anise, juniper berries, and rose hips
  10. Amethyst

I will share more soon, including pre-order links, snippets, character art, and other goodies! If you haven’t already, but sure you subscribe to my newsletter, From the Desk of the Ditzy Druid, to get the latest on my writing!

As always, thanks so much for your support! I’m looking forward to sharing more magical realism featuring authentic modern Pagans and folk magic from Upstate NY in 2021!

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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