The River on a Cold, Rainy December Day

While out grabbing some last minute groceries before a massive snow storm, I stopped by Alexandria Bay to say hello to the river. I wanted to show you how I imagine the water looking in my book River Magic when Lacey falls in one cold, December day. The St. Lawrence is not frozen over yet, and it’s not as cold as it will get as winter advances. Of course, falling in this time of year would not be comfortable, but people endure far worse when they voluntarily jump in for the annual Polar Bear dip in February.

I’m still not used to sharing videos, so please forgive me if I sound awkward as I share a few of the landmarks, including one Lacey and Cian admire during a Mother’s Day brunch. I’m delighted that so many out-of-state readers are intrigued with the river enough to want to visit one day! Let me know if there are any specific locations you’d like to see more of. With travel restricted, I’m happy to bring the river to you!

Thanks again to everyone for reading and sharing your feedback! In a few days, I’ll reveal the cover for the sequel – Hearth Magic!

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2 thoughts on “The River on a Cold, Rainy December Day

  1. That does indeed look like a beautiful river. The weather reminds me of what we had on the solstice here in the UK.

    Blessings of the season to you and your family! 🙂

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