Three Things Thursday: Local Bookstores, Kitchen Magic, and my Sacred Porch

Each week, I share three things that have informed or inspired me. This week, I’m gushing over a local bookstore, a podcast episode, and creating ritual spaces in unlikely places.

The Little Book Store in Clayton, NY – Photo by M. A. Phillips, 2020.

The Little Book Store

When I moved to Northern NY a decade ago, Borders was still at the mall. Since they’ve closed, I’ve missed browsing shelves of stories and unexpected gems I never knew I needed. Sure, I can go to the big box store in Syracuse or Utica, and of course, there’s Amazon…but there’s something special about having a shop close to home. So, imagine my delight when I learned that someone was taking a chance and opening a book store in one of my favorite places in the world–Clayton, NY. Enter The Little Book Store, an adorable boutique for book lovers along the river. For all my readers who live in the region, please do everyone a favor and take a day trip to visit and do business. We want them here! Not only that, but the owner is eager to stock my book, River Magic, once it comes out! They are very supportive of local authors which is amazing!

Food and Folk Magic with Gwion Raven

The latest episode of New World Witchery, “Food and Folk Magic with Gwion Raven,” enchanted me. Cory interviewed author and witch Gwion Raven about his new book, The Magick of Food: Rituals, Offerings & Why We Eat Together. Kitchen magic is a major part of my practice and inspiration for writing. Much of what Raven discussed resonated with me. He spent some time discussing privilege and how any food can be sacred. As someone who spends much of my energy working to grow my own food, shop local, and buy organic, I appreciated this reminder. If you love stirring spells into your cooking, you should definitely check this out. I added his book to my TBR list!

Homemade, wildcrafted incense offerings on my porch. Photo by M. A. Phillips, 2020.

My Sacred Porch

With all the writing and editing I’ve been doing (not to mention preparation for a new school year during a pandemic), I’ve been feeling a bit detached spiritually speaking. That isn’t to say I wasn’t doing anything. I kept up my regular daily offerings, but aside from that, each day was an exhausting rush. With the new lunar cycle, I’m working to be more forgiving of myself, but also more mindful. One thing I’ve done is make an offering on the porch where I do a lot of work. It felt right to thank Brigid for her continued inspiration specifically in this special spot. I also made offerings to the land spirits I share this space with. I want to make this a weekly practice of simple gratitude. The front porch has really transformed into a beloved sanctuary for me! Just being there calms and inspires me.

Thanks for reading, lovelies! I hope you enjoyed. I’m sorry I haven’t been more prolific on my blog lately, but most of my spare time and energy is going toward The Rituals of Rock Bay series! Remember, you can catch my first book, River Magic, from Shadow Spark Publishing October 31st! In the meantime, please sign up for my monthly newsletter for regular updates and special treats. You can read the last two offerings here. Be well!

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