Several Things Saturday: Lugh, SRB Issue 4, and my Newsletter!

Each Thursday, I share three things that have informed or inspired me. You may notice I’m late this week. Yeah…Going back to work on top of editing novels is rough. So we’ll consider this “Several Things Saturday!”

An Introduction to Lugh

Irish Pagan School has another offering for you! This time, it’s a course about the Irish God, Lugh! It may seem late to you. “Wait, wasn’t Lúnasa earlier in the month?” Not only can you learn about the deities all year outside the holidays associated with then, but Lúnasa is actually a month long harvest! “Lúnasa” is also Gaeilge (modern Irish) for August! So you’re good to go.

Stone, Root, and Bone Issue 4

The 4th issue of Stone, Root, and Bone is out! You can purchase this beautiful polytheist ezine here. There are excellent pieces within, both fiction and non-fiction! Though I do not have any work in this issue, I’m still very excited to support the publication. Hagstone Publishing is going on hiatus now that they’ve gone through a year of quarterly issues. No matter what they choose to do next, I’m proud to have been a part of this amazing project by and for other polytheists!

From the Desk of the Ditzy Druid

Later today, I will send out my latest newsletter with updates on my upcoming novel, River Magic! It’s a fictional story about contemporary Pagans, including a grove of Druids, who live in Northern NY along the St. Lawrence River! There’s romance, ritual, and even a mermaid! In this issue, I’ll share the latest character artwork. I’ll always make it available to everyone a week later, but you’ll want to be in the know, especially next month when I reveal my cover! So sign up, my lovelies! You can catch River Match October 31st of THIS YEAR!

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