Three Things Thursday: Pagan Parenting Things and Stuff

Each Thursday I share three items that have inspired or informed me. This week, I’m sharing some things for Pagan Parents: information on a religious education program, a craft activity, and an adorable onesie.

Little Oaks:  A Religious Education Program for Young Pagans

Fellow ADF member and parent, Rev. Jan Avende, is putting together a curriculum for polytheist families. Little Oaks, available through her Patreon, could serve as excellent spiritual supplements or even assist groves and other circles in planning activities for the little ones. Jan has a background in education, so this could be just the resource some of you are searching for!

Recycling and Coloring to Learn About Deities

Another ADF member has created deity coloring pages from a variety of Indo-European cultures for the younger set to enjoy. You can see the latest update here, but the page is in German, so you may need a translation. The idea is to glue them around toilet paper rolls to create figures for youthful altars. Even if the idea of recycling toilet paper tubes comes across as disrespectful, you could glue them onto other items like oatmeal containers. Either way, maybe this will inspire you and your little ones on a rainy day.

Mini Mystic Onesie

I recently received my “Witches Against White Supremacy” tshirt from Bébé Vaudou. It fits great and feels amazing. Now the designer has a new article of clothing in 100% cotton: this adorable “Mini Mystic” Onesie! If you or someone you know is expecting and appreciates whimsical outfits for their little ones, check out her shop! You’d be directly supporting an artisan in the magical community.

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