Three Things Thursday: Stickers!

Each Thursday, I share three things that have informed or inspired. This week, I’m highlighting three artists and their glorious stickers!

I hear you. “Stickers? Really? What does this have to do with Druidry, Pagansim, etc?”

Look, most of us agree that supporting actual artists over corporations is a good thing, right? But if you’re like me, you can’t afford to buy a gallery of originals, and you only have so much wall space for prints.

Enter stickers from talented Pagan and Witch artists! Perhaps I’m a bit late to the “grown up” sticker thing, but I really enjoy personalizing my laptop and reusable bottles. Here are three artists offering stickers that are fun with a potential for whimsy, devotion, and social justice.

Fiber Witch by Ashley Bryner

You may already be a fan of Ashley Bryner’s magical photography as seen on some of Morgain Daimler’s books, but she has other artistic abilities, too! In addition to fantastic anime fan art that makes my heart fuzzy, Ashley creates some chic illustrations for Pagans. Check out her website, Firesighted for her portfolio. She recently released this beautiful witch hat with the fiber artist in mind. I just ordered the sticker and cannot wait to jazz up my sewing machine. It will cheer me up as I make more masks.

Goddesses by Anette Pirso

Anette Pirso is a prolific artist on Instagram. The way she depicts Goddesses and spirits is simplistic but powerful. She made my day when she listed a Goddess sticker pack. Sure, none of us need our deities depicted, but it certainly helps, especially in these trying times when our focus may be scattered. I ordered two copies of Brigid. I intend to put one on my tea canteen to help me focus on healing when I have to return to work. The other will go on my laptop since I do so much writing there. For my third sticker, I selected the “petrify the patriarchy” design. Because yes. Best part?

From now on 5% of each purchase will be donated to a local charity called The Estonian Women`s Shelters Union – an association of non-profit organisations acting in public interests which joins organisations dedicated to providing shelters` services for victims of violence against women.

Anette Pirso on Etsy

Stickers for Charity by Cat Coven

When a fellow Pagan posted photos of his recent acquisitions from Cat Coven, I knew I had to follow that artist on Instagram. I so appreciate the line work, medieval inspiration, and darker aesthetic. My mood shifts, right? When you buy from Cat Coven, you’re supporting a queer-owned business in Brooklyn, NY. She strives to work with eco-friendly materials as much as possible, something that I really appreciate. Recent additions to the shop include two stickers for charity. 100% of the fairy-esque moth cat purchases will go toward the Emergency Release Fund in NYC, and the “Not Welcome” design helps support Make the Road New York (while also telling racists to shove it). I encourage you to click the stickers and read more about each. That cat moth is going to look stunning in my classroom!

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