Three Things Thursday: Newsletters, Poetry, and Deities

Each Thursday, I share three things that are on my mind, inspiring me, or informing me as a Druid and a writer. Hope you enjoy!

My Newsletter

I’m starting off with a bit of shameless self-promotion. My first newsletter will go out into the wide world this weekend! It will feature information about my debut novel, River Magic, including some background and inspiration for the main character, a contemporary, American Druid named Lacey. If you sign up, you’ll get a first look at the character art I commissioned! If you’re interested in my writing, I hope you’ll subscribe to stay up with the latest since sometimes that pesky algorithm likes to hide things.

An Introduction to Rosc Poetry

Irish Pagan School is offering a fantastic sounding workshop this weekend! Irish File, Geraldine Moorkens Byrne, is going to teach us about an old, traditional form of Irish poetry used for magic. This is exactly the sort of class I’ve been thirsting for to deepen my relationship with my path, my Irish ancestors, and my writing. If this sounds interesting to you, I highly encourage you to check it out and sign up!

Developing Divine Relationships

Whenever I encounter new Pagans, online or in person, one of the topics they’re most curious about is how to start working with deities. Althea’s got a fresh email course coming out that sounds perfect for newcomers to polytheism. Developing Divine Relationships is meant to be a practical approach to get you on your way. Her email lessons are well-written and direct, complete with opportunities to reflect and dig your hands in with real-world experience. She also offers chats through her Discord server. I highly recommend it for the learning community! Finally, if cost has been a barrier before, inquire about her new payment plan.

I’m sorry Three Things Thursday came out a little later than intended, but it’s been super hot in Northern NY. I’ve been struggling to focus, so I hope you’ll forgive me. Stay cool and be safe!

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