Ready for some River Magic?

I was going to post this several weeks ago, but the time wasn’t right. It’s since been released on Twitter, but I waited until June 28th to share more on my social media because today is my main character’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Lacey Moran! (I actually bought her a gift… more on that below.)

My publishers created this beautiful ad for my book to go in the most recent issue of Stone, Root, and Bone ezine! This isn’t the cover, but I believe certain elements will be included! I’m very excited about it. I love the scaly background, the bubbles, and the beautiful seaweed font!

The text says:

River Magic

a Magical Realism Novel by M. A. Phillips

The river calls to Lacey through dream and song, but it takes an encounter with a mermaid to make sense of her abilities, open her heart to love, and embrace her path as a Druid. Available in Kindle and paperback October 31, 2020

Shadow Spark Publishing

I’m currently working on my first round of edits from Shadow Spark. I’m excited to share my book baby with you all, but it’s also becoming more “real,” and impostor syndrome is definitely setting in. I don’t have time to wallow in that, though, because my publisher also contracted me for books two and three in a series we’re calling The Rituals of Rock Bay! Book two will release on Imbolc 2021, and book three comes out for Bealtaine 2021! Needless to say, I’m writing and editing like a crazy person, putting everything I learned during the years it took me to construct River Magic to work in a matter of months. Thankfully, I already had some outlines, concepts, and snippets. By the time I signed the contract, I’d written half of the sequel during Camp Nano. My goal is to finish the first draft today!

As I approach publication, I’m working on some fun things to share about my writing process, inspiration, and the characters. I’ll post soon about a newsletter that will feature many of these tidbits. Oh, remember that gift I bought my main character? I officially commissioned an artist for an illustration of Lacey! Once I get my newsletter started, subscribers will get a first peek! Stay tuned!

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

2 thoughts on “Ready for some River Magic?

  1. What a great time to release “River Magic”. This is my birth month and have told my wife that I want the book as my gift. She has agreed. Thank you !

    1. October is my favorite month! Also, that means so much to me. I truly hope you enjoy it. There’s the Pagan elements, romance, and a deep respect for the natural world in this story. (Also a couple sex scenes… hope that doesn’t bother you!)

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