Three Things Thursday: Herbal Reparations, Ogham Pronunciation, and Never Date a Siren

I feel like I blinked and it’s Thursday again! Here’s my weekly roundup of interesting items that have informed and inspired me this week. I hope you find something to help you on your way!

Herbal Reparations

Herbal practitioner Regina Kankinza of In Her it Blooms added a way for people to make donations to help her provide service to those in need. A donation of $10 or more will help.

Support black folks, indigenous folks, queer and trans folks of color to have access to wellness services by purchasing part of or a whole consultation. This supports folks get the wellness support they need who might otherwise not be able to access wellness services due to finances and/or due to the embedded racism that exists in our medical industrial complex.

If you’re on Instagram, I highly suggest you follow In Her it Blooms for more updates. She’s going to post more ways people can support the cause each New Moon, and she continually posts great information and content that forces me to reflect and grow as a fledgling herbal student.

Ogham Pronunciation

I can’t recommend Lora O’Brien’s work enough, especially for those of us who are drawn to the Irish polytheist tradition. I’ve been working through the Ogham with a friend to deepen our understanding of this complex and beautiful system of language and divination. It’s helping us grow in our spirituality, but also our understanding of Gaeilge (the Irish language). We’ve been rereading Erynn Rowan Laurie’s book Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom (another excellent resource). Someone else shared this video by Lora, and it was so helpful! Despite my best efforts with pronunciation guides in books, I was mangling many of the Ogham names. Hearing an Irish speaker say them is precisely what I needed.

Never Date a Siren

The cover of “Never Date a Siren” by Byrd Nash.

I recently finished the first book in Byrd Nash’s College Fae series. This was such a fun and magical read! Nash clearly respects and studies the old lore that informs and inspires this modern fairy fantasy. The characters are interesting and lovable. I especially enjoyed Brigit’s feisty “lawful good” personality, and found her interactions with nature and objects derived from plants to be delightful and unique. I always enjoy seeing deities from my tradition interpreted (respectfully) in a modern setting. I won’t spoil anything, but I was both amused and very intrigued with a particular goddess’ cameo! I will definitely read more of this series in the future! If this intrigues you, you can this this title for free for a limited time!

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