Three Things Thursday: Support Black Members of the Magical, Animist, and Polytheistic Communities

I’ve realized I don’t know a lot about the Black Pagan, Witch, Polytheist, and yes – New Age communities. That is a personal failing of mine that I’m trying to rectify. In an attempt to learn more myself and elevate Black creators and authors, here are three great links. Don’t stop learning and supporting Black and Brown community members after this period of time, and make sure you’re doing other work like taking a supportive or protective role in protests, signing petitions, contacting representatives, donating to help the cause, and speaking up when others say or do racist things. If you’re involved in organizing Pagan Pride events or other festivals, work to diversify workshop presenters, ritual leaders, and board members. Get background checks on anyone acting as security. As a white Pagan, make sure you listen to others in the BIPOC communities when they bring up concerns of racism and appropriation.


The cover of So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo.

As we consider how to support Black members of the magical and Earth-centered community, we must also do the crucial self-examination necessary to be a better person in general. Regardless of religion, we must work to improve our understanding of racism, inherent bias, white privilege, etc. I picked up So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo again. I started it last year but put it down for no other reasons than I got distracted by a book study with my job and other reading. Not a great excuse, I know. Though I’m not done with it, I can tell you it’s excellent. It will make you uncomfortable but also make you think. That’s part of the process. I’ve picked it up again, and I encourage you to check it out, too. After this, I would very much like to read a more Pagan-focused anthology: Bringing Race to the Table.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

One thing we should always do is reflect on how our language impacts others. Check out this amazing post by Rashunda Tramble of Stay Woke Tarot from a couple years ago. It’s called Are You Afraid of the Dark. Perhaps read it with your coven, grove, or circle and have a discussion.

Witches Against White Supremacy

Some of you may have seen the “Witches Against White Supremacy” graphic going around illustrated by Brooklynn. You can now buy it, from the artist, on a t-shirt!

Brooklynn posted:

ALL profits from any “Witches Against White Supremacy” products will be donated to @campaignzero and after each month I will post the “receipts” to provide 100% transparency. I’ve seen a couple of you take the initiative to print out and sketch my artwork to use for the #blacklivesmatter protests. So that is why I have decided to make T-Shirts, Stickers, and posters with that design. ✊🏽💜✊🏽 (Available at @bebevaudoushop )

Definitely check out her music, too. She weaves magic into her songs, and I’m so glad I found her work!

Be well and stay safe, readers. Speak out, but also learn to listen to Black people. Elevate others, not just white creators and Pagans. If you have any blogs or shops to recommend, feel free to send them my way! If you want to post anything about “all lives matter,” please see this now classic cartoon to simplify the matter. If you question your privilege as a white person, here’s a handy checklist to consider. If you have something racist or hateful to say, please just remove yourself from my readership.

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