Three Things Thursday: Luis, These Witches Don’t Burn, and an Introverted Conference

Each week, I share three little things. This week, I’m contemplating luis, I’ve got a short book review for you, and I reflect on a writing conference I attended on Zoom.

The ogham fid luis is often represented by the rowan tree. Here is a photo of one of my rowan saplings. M. A. Phillips 2020.

I recently started an in-depth reflection of the ogham with a friend and fellow polytheist. Each week, we focus on one symbol, or fid, contemplating them through exercises developed by author Erynn Rowan Laurie. This week we’re focusing on luis, the fid which is often represented by the rowan tree. The ogham don’t all directly correspond to trees, but this is a very traditional relationship. I’m rather fond of rowan trees because of their connection to Brigid. Both protective and inspiring all at once, luis is a beloved symbol in my home.

These Witches Don’t Burn

I read These Witches don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling in the winter, but it took me awhile to talk about the novel on my blog! I think this is the perfect season to read it as the events of this YA urban fantasy take place during the end of the school year. While I don’t normally discuss fiction books on my blog that feature the “Hollywood” variety of Pagans, this book is interesting in that the over-powered fantasy variety live alongside Wiccans and other Earth-centered sorts. In fact, the main character, Hannah, works part time at a magical shop run by a Wiccan woman! There’s also an adorable romantic subplot between the protagonist and another young woman. In fact, there is a decent amount of LGBTQ+ representation in this title! I highly recommend it if you want a fun blend of fantasy and reality-bound witches.

Marketing for Introverts: A Reflection

My office last night. Photo by M. A. Phillips 2020

Yesterday I attended a virtual conference through the Adirondack Center for Writing called “Marketing for Introverts.” Middle-grade author Chris Tebbetts outlined several strategies writers can use when breaking into publishing, talking to people about your book, attending conventions, etc. I really appreciated his candor. He apologized for being a bit “woo” at one point, but I welcomed how he discussed the idea of going into it with an intention and, without using the word, he referred to reciprocity. That’s part of what I like to do with Three Things Thursdays – share something small from my life, but also recommend resources, or spread the word about what my fellow authors and Pagans are doing. Tebbetts encouraged writers to think about making relationships rather than sales, and that really resonated with me. It’s what ultimately made me look into smaller presses, and I’m so glad I did.

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  1. I’ve just learned about Luis in the Ogham too. Very good teacher is Luis.

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