Transplanting Chant

An image of a pea plant I just transplanted along with the text of my transplanting chat. The words are included in the post below. Photo by M. A. Phillips 2020

I normally start peas outside, but the chipmunks decided to look at my early spring gardening as rent. It was frustrating, yes, but their family has lived on this land long before mine. I want to reside in harmony with them, especially since I’m not gardening for my survival at this time (thankfully). I’m also lucky in that I have other ways t o begin seeds, such as starting them in my warm home under grow lights!

This set grew well and started to produce the tendrils that allow them to climb, flourish, and produce numerous yummy pods. This meant it was time to get the peas in the soil before they started to attach themselves to the growing shelf or other plants! Cold hardy snow peas can withstand any late frosts we may get, though the forecast looks promising from here on out.

Plants are alive and have their own spirits, and most people who garden are already aware of studies that show plants respond well to music. As an animist, I frequently talk and sing to my plant allies. I have songs for starting seeds, watering, harvesting, and even composting, but I realized I didn’t have a chant for transplanting! It’s a vulnerable time for the seedlings, so a song to explain what is happening seemed best. As usual, I’m fond of short ditties that are accessible to my daughter and other children. Notating music is not a skill I possess, but this came out as a type of lullaby to calm the seedlings.

Transplanting Chant

By M. A. Phillips

Transplanting time
Time for your new home
Transplanting time
Room for roots to roam

I hope you enjoy this chant. Think of it as a soothing offering to the plants that you are working with. Feel free to use it in your own gardening adventures!

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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