Three Things Thursday: Three Affordable Courses to Explore During Quarantine

For this week’s Three Things Thursday, I want to pass on some courses you may be interested in. I’ve selected these for affordability, to show support for community members, and to pass on classes that my readers in the Pagan community may be interested in pursuing.

For Those Seeking Authentic Irish Lore and Spirituality:

Irish Pagan School continues to burn brightly as a welcome bonfire for anyone interested in learning more about Irish mythology, folk practice, and culture. Founded by contemporary Irish polytheists, it’s a welcome resource for seekers. As a descendant of Irish diaspora, I’m so appreciative of all their content! It’s informative, inspiring, academic, and very respectful of the living culture. Many of the courses do cost money, but if you’re looking to deepen your practice or explore Irish polytheism on a budget, Irish Pagan School offers many free courses. I recently signed up for their free class “The Dagda – Hearth Hero & Domestic Deity.” I can’t wait to dive in! Other free offerings include “Irish Pagan Practice,” “3 Truths About Ogham,” and a foundation class in meditation.

For Those Seeking Meditation and Calm During This Crisis

My friend Fox, who co-hosts the Fire Burn Cauldron Bubble podcast, has released a program called “Quarantine Routine: 21 Day Guide to Raise Your Vibration.” I have not done this, but want to pass it along in case you’re looking for something to help you find some calm but aren’t necessarily looking for a specific religious focus. I think this would appeal to eclectic Pagans or people who are open-minded and exploring. The creators say they understand that everyone has different financial situations right now. They’ve had to close their cafe, cancel gigs, and shows, so they’ve made this guide available for $0 or any amount you’d like to donate.

For Those Seeking to Improve Their Gardening:

A photo of my old patio container garden. Photo by M. A. Phillips

A friend and fellow gardener sent me a link to Fruition’s Seed Starting Online Academy. Normally $98, they’ve offered the video course for free to support new gardeners during this difficult time. Even if you have some experience under your belt, my friend and I both feel that we’ve learned new information from the course. You needn’t have a plot of land with a vegetable garden to glean useful skills and appreciation from the content! Even if you’re starting a patio garden with pots of herbs, I think you’ll gain something out of this.

Are you taking any affordable online classes that others might be interested in? Feel free to post a link!

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