Three Things Thursday: Death, Rebirth, and Rejuvenation

It’s Thursday again, which means I have three little things pasted together as a big post.


A pawprint keepsake from the vet’s office.

My eldest cat, Esmerelda, passed away after twenty years of gentle companionship. She was there for me during heartbreak and joy. She sat on my bed as I read my first books about witchcraft and Druidry. She kept me company during some of my earliest writing projects. Her health had been declining for the last couple years, but the last few months were particularly hard, culminating in a very difficult couple of days. I had never accompanied an animal companion to to the vet for euthanasia before. My other furry friends passed away in their sleep or were taken by other family members. Due to Covid-19, I had to go by myself. Although it was hard, holding her as she drifted off to sleep was honestly one of the most peaceful moments, and I’ll never forget how relaxed she looked after so much suffering. There was closure in that. The veterinary team was amazing. Even during such a chaotic period, they possessed the most compassionate bedside manner for both Esmerelda and me. I pray that the kindreds bless all of them. We were lucky for their care.


Elder bushes bursting to life!

Just as surely as there is death, there is new life. Saying goodbye to the physical form of Esmerelda was very hard, but I’m glad it happened during the spring when there are reminders of renewal all around. Yesterday, I walked around the yard and pruned various fruit trees and berry bushes. They needed it. I’ve always been hesitant about pruning mostly due to my own ignorance of it. I didn’t want to hurt the plant, and never thought to research it until it wasn’t the right time. Hopefully the wee haircut will help everything flourish.


Being apart from friends and family so long is stressful. I miss my grove mates, but we found rejuvenation through a very non-spiritual activity – a virtual grove game night! Utilizing Discord and an online version of a favorite card game, we had a grand time full of laughter. Sometimes meditation and yoga help us. Other times it’s a walk in the woods. Still, there’s something to be said about a good belly laugh! I hope that you are all able to find something to lift your spirits.

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  1. Very sorry to read about Esmeralda, but glad to hear how you find joy in such a turbulent time.

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