Embracing Hope

Chives emerge from the herb bed after a long winter. Photo by M. A. Phillips

The last few days have been tense. My county currently has zero confirmed cases of the new corona virus, my state has quickly jumped to the top of the pile. While schools just a couple hours away are closing for two to three weeks, we’re all waiting and trying to maintain normalcy.

We see the panic and fear on the internet as people post photos of empty toilet paper shelves in store after store. My colleagues who are older or have compromised immune systems teeter from nervous to petrified. The kids are flippant to skittish.

I’m trying to maintain calm and yet be a healthy level of prepared. Seeing examples of kindness buoy my spirits: friends and acquaintances in other hard-hit places offering lunches to kids at home without other food, reminders to donate to pantries, people opening their homes to others in need, and helping strangers find and reach supplies in grocery stores.

Druidry values hospitality, and I see that alive and well. Sure, someone posted a video of people fighting over TP, but I see an overwhelming and heartwarming flood of helpers.

I went outside today to get some fresh air and discovered the chives are waking up. It’s another reminder that the hard times come to an end eventually. I pray they don’t last long, but at least I’ll have some herbs to share soon.

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

2 thoughts on “Embracing Hope

  1. Locally some panic, but also kindness. I am increasing the amount of time I spend doing practices to tune out from the panic, and tune into more constructive/protective/supportive awareness. A good reminder!

  2. In Ohio, so all the Karens and tinfoil hat folks are full panic. But I am having a lovely gal pal day shopping for spring fashion and candles before the real chaos sets in. Fear is the mind killer and I refuse to give in to it.
    It snowing here, so probably a few more weeks before I can get in to my garden.

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