Trance 1 – Let’s Do This!

As vacation is almost upon me, I’ve decided to tackle another advanced ADF course – Trance 1.  I’ve been putting off restarting it for awhile.  The main reason was having a baby.  Before that, I was making progress with Ian Corrigan’s Nine Moons program, which supplemented ADF’s Initiate Training Program.  I knew I would have to start again, and I think the time is right.  My daughter is getting more independent, and I’m mentally ready.

I started to communicate with other ADFers working on Trance 1.  We’re swapping successes and failures, providing encouragement, and reminding each other to journal.  I’m planning to start reading Trance-Portation by Paxson again. I ordered a few other books from the reading list, and I just received Michael Harner’s The Way of the Shaman today.

My excitement is tempered by reality, however.  While I’ve worked hard over the past couple years to return to and refine my spiritual practice to include daily and nightly devotionals with weekly formal rituals, trance requires extra time and focus.  I get most of my work done when my daughter is preoccupied or asleep.  The former is difficult because she inevitably gets bored and wants to see what I’m up to.  The later allows me more freedom and time, but usually at the end of the day when I’m so exhausted.  Ah, but I mentioned vacation!  I hope that some time away from work will allow me the energy I need, not to mention mornings without having to rush anywhere!

I’ve been trying to strengthen my meditation skills and get myself back where I used to be.  It’s been hard…  I tried to do some this weekend, but I was so stressed out and tired…  I ended up falling asleep.  Of course, I did a personal no-no  – trying to meditate in bed!  That never works out the way I want.

Well, perseverance is a virtue!  I’ll try to blog more about it.  Heck, I’ll try to blog more period as I delve back into my studies…

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