Spring Equinox with Toddlers

    • Plant SeedsMy family usually does a seed blessing ritual around this time.  In Northern NY, we can’t start our seeds until this time anyway.  Some Pagans may have already done this as part of an Imbolc celebration. Involve your kiddos it telling the seeds it’s time to wake up, and definitely encourage them to help plant.  We’re giving a big pot to our daughter.  She’s planning to put tomatoes in there!


    • Force Bulbs Indoors
      Photo Mar 20, 12 04 03 PM

      Forcing Daffodils – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2016


      Another way to teach your children about plant life is to force bulbs inside using a glass container.  Bee has been fascinated with the root systems of our daffodil friends.  While we don’t have any flowers yet, simply having the extra green in the home has been wonderful!



    • Make Paper Flowers
      My husband did this activity with my daughter.  You could put it on your altar, your child could offer it in ritual, or simply put it on the fridge like we did to add more spring decor to the home!

      Photo Mar 20, 12 03 17 PM
      Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2016
    • Watch “My Neighbor Totoro” or “Curious George Swings into Spring”Gathering around the tv and watching a seasonal movie is basically a modern American pastime, but what’s out there for Pagan families to enjoy?  Two very appropriate movies with spring themes are “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Curious George Swings into Spring.”  The former is a Japanese animation for little kids that explores how kids deal with moving to a new town while their mother heals in a hospital.  They meet forest spirits who help them cope and teach them the magic of planting seeds.  The later title sees the famous George attempt to teach a friend about the joy of spring.  It explores spring in the city and the country, and has lots of appropriate humor that kids and adults will enjoy.  The music is actually really nice and not annoying at all.


    • Decorate Eggs 
      Photo Mar 19, 11 32 29 AM
      In addition to dying eggs, Bee and I made some paper eggs this year.  Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2016.

      Of course, coloring eggs is a favorite activities for many spiritual communities!  This year my family used red cabbage and our eggs came out a beautiful blue!  Before letting them sit in the color for a few days, we used a white crayon and drew various symbols on them.  Bee needed help and simply wanted to write the letter B all over.  Other possibilities include spirals, triquetras, runes, and flowers.  You could also make papier mâché eggs, or decorate wooden eggs.  Bee enjoyed helping me with the paper eggs, even though her hands got really sticky!


    • Go on a Nature Walk / Spring Scavenger Hunt
      Northern Rivers Protogrove had its first ever egg hunt this year.  Photo by Weretoad, 2016.


      Whether you take a walk in the park, the backyard, or a state park, try to get outside and enjoy the changing weather!  You could do an egg hunt, but you could also seek signs of spring.  It could be formal, with a list, or as simple as pointing things out and saying “welcome back!”


    • Fly a KiteWe bought a fabric kite for Bee.  She’s been asking for one since she saw a girl flying one last Spring Equinox.  She’s too young to hold it by herself, but she really loves watching it, helping us fly it, and running around below it.  What a great way to teach about wind spirits!  And, again, it gets kids outside.


    • Blow Bubbles!

      Whether you make them from scratch or buy a bottle at the store, go outside and enjoy the magic!  Another great way to explore wind spirits.


    • Hop Like a Bunny, Fly Like a Baby Bird, Sing Like a Spring PeeperTalk about all the spring animals and pretend to be one.  It’s joyous and helps kids connect with Nature Spirits.  You could even turn it into a game of “Simon Says” with older kids.


    • Drum Awake the Nature SpiritsMy protogrove has a tradition of drumming Nature Spirits awake after the winter.  We each name an animal, plant, mineral, or force, ask for them to wake up, then make a lot of noise!  Kids love it and it’s a nice break from the usual ritual activities.  It could easily be done as a small family ritual.


However you celebrate the Spring Equinox with your little ones, make sure you get outside and mark the change in the seasons. Many blessings to you!

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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