Study Bug

Kitty is not as interested in reading as I am, apparently.

 In regards to practice, my spirituality is fairly strong.  While I’m not currently engaging in anything new, I’ve worked to perform daily and nightly devotionals, as well as weekly rituals that follow ADF’s liturgy.  While I occasionally falter (especially when I am not feeling well), I have definitely worked to maintain my hearth practice and relationships to spirit allies.

My studies, however, have lagged recently.  I don’t want to let that slide.  Progressing within my ADF studies is important to me because I want to know more and improve my practice.  I also feel compelled to serve my community.  Increased study will only help me become a better protogrove leader and liturgist.  A week ago, I decided to dig back into my Divination 2 studies.  In particular, I’m digging into Carmina Gadelica for examples of animal augury.  I also ordered a couple books for the Nature Awareness course.  They arrived today!  While I currently can’t read or write the way I used to (my daughter likes to sit in my lap a LOT), I refuse to give up!  It may take me another year or even three to complete the Generalist Study Program or the Initiate Study Program, but I’m growing “as fast as a speeding oak!”

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  1. As a new mother I’m curious- do you study when your daughter is asleep or do you rely on babysitters? I do a bit of both. I find scheduling a time to work helps a lot and it gives me something to look forward to. Plus it makes Grandma happy!

    1. Totally both. I try to do some work when she’s away, but she likes to spend a lot of time with me. Also, she’s not fully weaned, so there’s also that… My husband and I try to make time so that we can each engage in our own hobbies, and grandparents are a blessing! I do some studies when she’s asleep, but that’s usually on the weekends during the night (if I don’t just pass out from exhaustion).

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