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I recently shared a list of some favorite Pagan-related movies, and “My Neighbor Totoro” was on there.  Creating that list reminded me that the movie was part of my collection.  My daughter watched it several months ago, before her attention span was ready for a feature-length film.  I took it out again and she’s obsessed with it.  Of course, she calls the titular forest spirit “Totyoh,” witch is adorable. We’ve probably watched it every day.  Once more, I think it’s a fabulous film for children.  It shows the childlike joy of exploring nature right outside your door, a deep respect for local spirits, and relishes in the everyday magic of growing plants.

I decided to put my talents to the test and make a little Totoro plush for my daughter.  I mixed crochet with sewing, and I think he came out really well!  Bee absolutely adores him.

My first ever Totoro plush.  Photo by Weretoad, 2016.

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One thought on “Totoro Plush

  1. I absolutely adore your Totoro! 😀 My Neighbor Totoro is a family favorite here, too, which led to much acorn hoarding after we first watched it a few years back. My then 4yo son (he’s now 9yo *sniffles*) would stuff his pockets with acorns beneath every oak tree encountered -in order to be prepared for a Totoro encounter later. My 2yo has yet to see the movie, which surely must be corrected soon.

    Your talent for fibercraft once again has me jealous and wishing for more time for more crafts. 🙂

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