What Have I Been Up To?

Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2015

I realize that I’ve not been the most avid blogger lately. Motherhood and organizing a protogrove (on top of having a career and hobbies) is a lot of work! I don’t often get a lot of opportunities to sit and write meaningful updates. The last thing I wrote, inspired by the pea blossoms in my garden, was really impromptu. I just wanted to share…

In that spirit, I thought I’d relate some of what I’ve been up to.

As far as ADF study programs go, I recently finished and submitted Liturgy Practicum 1.  It’s since been returned with some suggestions, and I’m nearly done with my revisions.  I’m slowly working my way through Indo-European Mythology 1.  I just have to find a few more details before I submit that.  Finally, I purchased Sacred Sounds: Transformation through Music and Word by Ted Andrews.  It’s one of the suggested texts for General Bardic Studies 1.  I’m nervous about that course, but it may be just the thing to take my creativity and rituals to the next level!  I do fancy the idea of becoming more of a storyteller…

Members of Northern Rivers met this past weekend for an informal study session and business meeting.  It was nice to meet up, catch up, and enjoy lunch.  We barely studied, but we spent some time discussing what we’re all working on, expectations, etc.  We agreed to try and meet quarterly to at least keep each other accountable.  I’m really proud of all the work my grovies are doing!

I continually strive to appreciate and learn more about nature each day.  The wind gifted me with an old wasp nest.  It was attached to an upstairs window for over a year until a recent storm blew it into my garden.  The durability of their creations really amazes me.  A protogrove mate gifted me with a couple of large pinecones from his travels.  One for my altar, and one for Bee’s nature table!

Speaking of Bee, she follows her mama’s footsteps in regards to loving nature.  She’s especially drawn to rocks lately.  She gets very excited whenever she sees stones.  She has an eye for beauty, that’s for sure.  In the photo, you can see a neat, dark stone she brought home, as well as a tiny bit of quartz we discovered next to an anthill we were investigating. She keeps me curious and gives me such joy.

I hope those of you who still read my blog are having a fantastic month full of lots of learning and time with nature!

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  1. Sometimes it is important to take a break from blogging about Druidry to get on with living Druidry. Good for you!

    1. You are so right! Whenever I start to think, “This is great. I should blog about this later!”, I tell myself to stop and keep living in the moment.

  2. It has been a while since I read a blog post here, so I am glad to hear you are well and life moves in the right direction.

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