Weaving Charm


I completed my second ever weaving project on my rigid heddle loom. When I was about halfway through, I decided to revisit Carmina Gadelica to see if there were any weaving prayers or charms. Of course there were! The more I study, the more it seems like my Irish and Scottish ancestors had a prayer or charm for everything. Every act was a ritual, and many of the weaving spells in Carmina Gadelica invoked holy powers to ward off evil eyes or mean spirits. Many prayers were long, often repeating colors, seeming to be devices to remember the order of strings when setting the loom up.

Inspired, I came up with a short charm to say as I weave. I decided to focus on receiving blessings rather than warding off evil eyes, but it can easily be reworked. In fact, I may add more to my prayer as I grow in experience. PWhen given some alone time with my loom, I can get a bit meditative repeating this to myself as I pass the shuttle between the yarn.

Weaving Charm by Grey Catside

May the Kindreds bless this cloth I make
And the person who shall come to possess it.

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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