Cleansing and Consecrating Ogham


Slowly, slowly, I study and learn the ogham lore. It seems important, even necessary, for someone on the Druidic path to understand it. My go-to method of divination has been the Druid Animal Oracle. I love the rich symbolism and lore associated with the Nature Spirits. I don’t intend to stop working with that deck, but it feels wrong not to progress further with ogham. I need to practice more, and was thinking about how to go about that.

When I moved and cleaned my Druid bookshelf, I rediscovered a set developed and sold by CaitlĂ­n Matthews. A friend who did not want them passed them on to me, and they sat on my shelf in their burlap bag, waiting. Honestly, I would not have spent money on them. I have slowly started to make my own set by hand, yet it is taking quite some time. Meanwhile, this little set was already with me. It came to me for a reason. While it feels strange not to know what tree the wood came from, this set did come from a tree. With that in mind, I’ve decided to honor the mystery tree’s spirit and start to work with the set to increase my understanding. I view this as a beginning set- not as nice or intimate as I prefer, but more satisfying than the 3×5 cards someone suggested to me. (Though that is not a bad idea for someone uncertain about their desire to invest in and study the ogham.)

Tonight I purified and consecrated the ogham sticks. I fully intend to make a new pouch. That will add more of my own energy to the sticks, which is basically how I personalized my Druid Animal Oracle. Thus I delve deeper into my Druid path, further increasing my knowledge of lore and my intuition.

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  1. While I am not one who holds to the “thou shalt not buy divination tools” line that gets espoused so often, I do find that some tools, when shared and handed down develop their own mysteries and usually continue to be passed on as “beginner decks/runes/other”.

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