Exploring Irish Cooking: Boxty Pancakes

Irish Boxty – Photo by Grey Catsidhe

Ever since I watched some random travel documentary about Ireland a few years ago, I wanted to try making boxty. I remember the host talking to some people who were making them at an outdoor market, and they looked delicious and easy. They’re essentially potato pancakes that use leftover mashed potatoes.

This morning, I finally had leftover mashed potatoes!

Following a recipe from Irish Traditional Cooking by Darina Allen, I gathered the small number of ingredients and got to work! The first three took a long time to cook, but after adjusting the temperature and amount of butter needed to lubricate the pan, the following pancakes were perfect in all but shape. I even made a small one for the Ancestors! In the spirit of Irish descendants putting an American spin on the recipes of their ancestors, my husband decided we should eat them with ketchup, which was actually wonderful.

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