Pagan Parenting: Exploring Yoga with Kids

Ok, so this might not be authentically Druidic, but I really want to add more yoga to my life.  I find the blend of exercise, meditation, and focused breathing to be invigorating!  My life needs more of that.  It’s been a difficult winter, so making the 30+ minute drive to any yoga studio just feels daunting, especially on work nights when I want to spend time with my family.

So I had the bright idea of looking for some kid-friendly yoga videos so my daughter, who is an incredibly active toddler, could play along.  I really like Cosmic Kids videos I stumbled upon.  While not as relaxing and stereotypically spiritual as I like my yoga to be, it is very kid friendly.  Not only is it silly and active, but the story the instructor tells basically introduces children to guided meditation while encouraging kids to try various poses – traditional and playfully modern seeming.  Each session starts with the “secret yoga word” – namaste.  There’s also some emphasis on breathing and letting tension go – all in kid-friendly language.

I wasn’t sure whether or not the videos would capture Bee’s interest.  They don’t involve curious monkeys or trolly-riding tigers, but she seemed to enjoy following along with her mama.  That’s key here.  Children learn through play and imitation, and if they can do what their beloved parents are doing, they are tickled pink.  While she can’t do all the poses exactly, she has fun trying and pretending to be various animals.  The best part?  Seeing my stinking cute daughter fold her hands over her heart when we say, “namaste.”  So.  Stinking.  Cute.

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