Exploring Irish Cooking: Potato and Fresh Herb Soup

20150118-101633.jpg This week, as I explore Irish cooking, I decided to try another soup.  It’s been chilly, and soup has a way of comforting like no other.  I decided to give the Potato and Fresh Herb Soup recipe a try.  Again, this is from Darina Allen’s Irish Traditional Cooking.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of fresh herbs in the winter.  The grocery store only carries so many (such as the parsley I used).  I needed dried herbs for the rest.  Allen suggests just leaving dried herbs out entirely, but the dried didn’t seem to detract from it much at all.  This was a very easy recipe to make vegetarian – just use veggie broth.  The other ingredients are very simple and suitable for a winter soup – potatoes and onions.  Don’t forget a bunch of butter and cream!

The resulting soup is much thinner that I had anticipated, but if you let it settle after blending, it’s not as watery as I had feared.  I found that dropping in some hunks of toasted bread really added to the texture.  All three of us really enjoyed the soup.  The flavor is so wholesome.  Definitely a keeper!

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  1. Lump of bread in the bottom of the bowl, soup over the top is also good if its a bit thin, or if you have stale bread that you’d like to render delightful!

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