Druid on the Run: Here I Go Again! (With Some Druidic Virtues Along the Way…)

A cesarean section is an excellent excuse for not running.  Because of that, and the other demands that come with new babies, I gave running up last year.  I still went for walks, danced when I could, and did yoga once (something I’d like to do more of).  Weretoad and I said, “next year.”

Well next year has arrived!  Now that the snow is gone, we’re on vacation, and have more flexibility in our schedules, we can work on running together once more.  Thanks to inspiration from my friend Grey Wren, today I got out of bed, told my husband what I was doing, invited him, and that was that.  Bee stayed with family so we could once more start Couch to 5K.

I was worried about the first time we tried this almost two years ago.  The very first day of Couch to 5K consists of very short intervals of running divided by slightly longer intervals of walking.  Yet the first time, we couldn’t finish.  That’s how out of shape we were.

This time, after the first run, we looked at each other and thought, “Wow.  That didn’t seem very long at all.  I think we can do this!”

And we did!

It was wise of us to start at the very beginning though.  We started to get a little winded towards the end, but we persevered and finished!  (See how I’m finding Druidic virtues in our running?)  Both of us felt amazing.  What’s more, we had a great time outdoors!  I’m very excited to take this first step towards getting back in shape.  I hope we can be better role models for Bee from now on.  I want her to see us up and exercising our bodies as well as our minds.  There’s probably something in there about moderation and integrity…

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