Sumer is icumen in / Lhude sing, cuccu…

Whenever Bealtaine rolls around, I inevitably get the old song, “Sumer is Icumen In,” stuck in my head.  My very first experience with Paganism in general was at a Bealtaine (they called and spelled it as “Beltane”) festival.  It included a Maypole, and the priestess, who would become one of my good friends and mentors in my early days of Paganism, sang the song in her beautiful alto voice as we danced with our ribbons.  Music and food were essential parts of her seasonal celebrations.  They are for all of us, but she’s the first person to help me see that and make the connection between local food and the agricultural cycle of the various Pagan holidays.  Although I have never felt my voice is practiced enough to do the tune justice in public, I find myself singing it constantly with my baby girl now that Bealtaine is here.  Again, I think about the lessons my friend taught me and I rejoice at the Nature Spirits growing all around.  Some will become my food, and I join them in their yearly dance.

Bealtaine has found us once again, and the green of summer is growing in!  Sure, I don’t have the traditional Hawthorne blossoming nearby, but I have plenty of Nature Spirits heralding the change of the season!


Chives are among the first sings of life in my garden each year. This tenacious herb winters well in Northern NY. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2014.
The dandelions are just blossoming! I’m hoping for some time this weekend to harvest. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2014
Beautiful lemon blossoms fill my my living room with a delicious aroma. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2014.

Next weekend we will join with friends and grovies to jump the sacred bonfire. In the meantime, my little family will celebrate with food and household saining. May your own celebrations be blessed, and may you pray with a good fire!  Sing cuccu!


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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

2 thoughts on “Sumer is icumen in / Lhude sing, cuccu…

  1. Hello Greycatsidhe! ~ your voice will always sound beautiful to our Goddess! Did you know that song can be sung in a ’round’..probably you did : )

    If you’d like to see some May blossom, do visit me, I’ve just started a new Ecclectic Earth Pagan blog, and posted some pic of a beautiful May tree near my house that I visited for Beltaine. (

    My children are grown up and my husband at work so I just did a tiny ritual on my own…but it was lovely.

    Bright Blessings! I’ll visit again.
    x Evie

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