March is a Cat

As part of our Yuletide celebration, Weretoad and I drew an Animal Oracle card for each month of 2014. The results were recorded and interpreted according to our own understanding of each animal, their lore in our hearth cultures, and our own intuition. We read them in relation to our own lives and not necessarily that of anybody else.

March is the cat. We felt it could mean many things: sensuality, passion, and maybe a bit of the laziness of a house cat.

As we move into the month, I am thinking of the meaning and reflecting on what we experience. I definitely feel passion for a lot of projects I’m engaged in. I’m also very excited for our upcoming Spring Equinox celebration and the area’s first Pagan Pride (more on that another day)!

I’m starting to think that the house cat quality is there but not in the lazy form I had thought of.

Cat is of the home and can be a fastidious groomer. Cat can also be a hard worker, chasing away pests. We have slowly been chasing away our winter doldrums by beginning our spring cleaning. There is still much to be done, but cat is urging us to groom. And, yes, occasionally stop and laze, especially if there’s a much welcomed sunbeam warming a patch of carpet…


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