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20140128-182650.jpgI’m busy, busy, busy with all sorts of arts and crafts!  Imbolc is definitely in the air.  So many fiber crafts – including spinning!  I’ve been enjoying theBritish show “Tudor Monastery Farm” and it put the spinning bug back in my head!  It’s a wonderful way to engage with Brighid, my female ancestors, and the wooly nature spirits so symbolic of this time of year.  Also in progress: a crocheted hat for hubby, an attempt to embroider a Brighid cros (sans a hoop… I didn’t have one small enough…), and an altar cloth.  There’s little else to do in this chilly, snowy weather!

What are you crafting?

3 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts in Progress

  1. The only thing I’m crafting these days is stories. Your projects sound delightful and full of warmth. ❤

  2. I’m making a mini “stash buster” blanket for James! My thinking is, if I get rid of the yarn I have, then I can buy MORE…muwahaha!

    I’ll have to check out that show…sounds interesting!

    1. Good idea! I’ve been making Bee a rainbow “stash buster” blanket for months. It was interrupted by Winter Solstice crafting. I finally picked it up again a few days ago. And yes… more yarn! Yay!

      “Victorian Farm” is really great too. I think you’d like it!

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