Nature Awareness Journal – January 9th, 2014

Trees are more than just the tree itself. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2014.


It’s a beautiful day in the North Country. It’s warmer than the week before. There was even a small bit of sun earlier. A perfect day for a walk to the forest. Only… yesterday’s rain made the lingering ice even more hazardous. The driveway and remaining “snow” are really slick. Walking the short distance from my door to my car is clumsy enough for me. I decided it would be too dangerous to go into the forest on my own today. And why risk twisting an ankle when I have to provide for my family and take care of a baby? There’s definitely something to be said about getting out in the elements no matter the weather to commune with the spirits of Nature… but there’s also wisdom in knowing not to take unnecessary risks!

That didn’t mean I gave up and went back inside!  I just decided to commune with nature closer to home.  It’s something I really ought to do more.  We have a lovely tree in the front which I believe is an ash.  I would like to grow closer to it and part of that will involve spending time with it.  I made offerings at its base and said hello, but quickly realized the tree is not simply the tree.  It plays host to a whole tribe of beings – fussy moss, pale lichens, insects hibernating in the folds of its bark, grasses and mallows growing below, morning doves cooing above…  When you stand before a tree, you are really standing before a village!  So I have a lot of work ahead of me.  I want to positively identify these creatures and learn of their properties and lore.  If I make this little patch the focus of my natural awareness for the sake of my current Druidic studies, I will be able to visit more frequently.  I will still make my treks to the forest, but the ash is easier to get to – and clearly just as wild!


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7 thoughts on “Nature Awareness Journal – January 9th, 2014

  1. I love this! 🙂 I’m a big fan of changing the words to common children songs to Pagan themes. My family has one song called “The Wheel” that is set to the tune of “London Bridge.” It goes through the Wheel of the Year and there are several verses for each season and Sabbat. We’ve also a Circle chant set to “Ring Around the Rosies” that the girls love to sing.

    1. D’oh! And here I’ve gone and replied to the wrong post instead of your lovely acorn song post. Ah, the dangers of multitasking. :S

  2. 🙂 “When you stand before a tree, you are really standing before a village! ”
    Such a wonderful way to describe a tree; absolutely on the mark!

    I hope your relationship with the ‘village’ outside your home grows with the year and look forward to more updates as it develops.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. This post is quite inspiring. I recently moved into a new house and we have a tree out front of our place. I’d really like to get to know it better. The host of creatures that the tree plays home to isn’t a thing I had thought of before. I’ll be looking into them as well~ Thanks for the inspiration!

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