I’m thankful for many things this year, especially my baby girl, but I want to take a moment to say how thankful I am for my protogrove, Northern Rivers.  Why?

  • We have grown at a surprising rate considering we’re so young.  Clearly, we’re doing something well.
  • We have a very active FB group.  It’s unfortunate how many local Pagan groups start up then fizzle out because nobody is talking or planning anything.
  • We follow through!  We have had to change or cancel events once or twice, but otherwise we have something going on just about every month, even if it’s only for members.  And even though protogroves in ADF aren’t expected to perform all eight high days publicly, we DO!
  • Everyone is so talented.  We’ve a plethora of artisans, budding liturgists, cooks, and some bards in the making!  What’s more, people are willing to share their skills to make the protogrove a better community!
  • We have fun together!  My grovies have become such good friends that I often consider them my spiritual family.
  • The group has been super supportive of me throughout pregnancy and into new motherhood.  They never blink when I nurse in front of them, making our gatherings very comfortable for me.  I really think that attitude will go a long way towards making our protogrove family friendly.
  • The core of the group is all on the same page.  We work really well together!  Because of that, we’ve been able to keep the protogrove functioning, safe, and very active. The folk take Druidism seriously and mean to live it!
  • We regard each other as equals.  I’m the grove organizer but I work hard not to abuse that.  The folk are very communicative and we all talk about issues before deciding anything.  We work together and do our best to make Northern Rivers a welcoming community.
  • Finally, everyone is so helpful!  In the past, I read about groves that formed and fell apart because the grove organizer did all the work!  Not so in Northern Rivers!  Everyone pulls their own weight between planning ritual, setting up, cleaning up, making food for potlucks, making favors to give to guests, and organizing workshops.  We are so blessed with a dedicated crew!

I raise a glass to my protogrove and pray we have many, many wonderful years together!  Sláinte!

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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