Crystals and Aliens at Thompson Park!

Rivers Protogrove gathered at Thompson Park in Watertown, NY for a workshop on gems presented by our own Tara.  It was incredibly informative!  She struck a really pleasing balance between the science of gems and the magical properties.  Tara has an extensive rock collection that she allowed us to explore.  For an experiment, she asked us to look at the stones and select one or two that really called to us.  The one I felt most pulled to was what I can only describe as a solid white glob.  Something about its soft curves was comforting. Tara chuckled when I picked it out and said she wasn’t surprised.  She instructed us to research our stones in one of the number of resources she brought to share. Turns out it’s called menolite and is associated with femininity, the role of the priestess, and lactation!  We also learned about the local geology, how to select stones for healing work, not to eat malachite, and how to cleanse our crystals.  A big gold star to Tara for reminding everyone that not all gems come from ethical mines and so we should be selective of where we make our purchases!

We then had a study group for anyone working on the DP and above.  We shared our challenges and accomplishments, gave some feedback, and came up with goals.  I’m excited for a future study group meeting.  I’m just wowed by how much hard work everyone is doing!

Watertown_VortexAfter our workshop and meeting, some of us took a short walk to the new sign marking the general area of a supposed vortex/portal.  You can read more about it here.  Interestingly, it’s in the same side of the park where some friends and I felt some Otherworldly energy before, but we never witnessed any disappearing acts or got lost.  After reading the latest stories about Watertown’s connection to Area 51, I get why the city is celebrating that little bit of history… but connecting the vortex to aliens feels kitschy.  That said, it’s all in good fun and if it encourages people to get out and explore Watertown’s beautiful park, why not?  As we had our meeting, we saw several people walk or drive by to take a look at the sign.  Perhaps open-minded and curious visitors to the 1000 Islands region will detour to Watertown to see it for themselves.

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