2013 Gardening Reflection

Pepper Plant Photo by Greycatsidhe 2013

The growing season isn’t quite over, but I call uncle.  This year’s garden was the most difficult to maintain and the least productive I’ve had in years.  I have very good reasons, of course.  I moved early in the season and then, just a few days later, gave birth.  The result was an extremely exhausted and achey Grey who was in no condition to do much.  Not to mention, my husband and I had our hands full with a newborn!

Still, I’m a bit sad I wasn’t more successful this year.  That said, I grew one little zucchini (which I really ought to shred for something) and had great success with my herbs and woodland tobacco.  My sugar snap peas did amazing early on, and I should really plant some more now that it’s cooler.   I suddenly have some green tomatoes on the vines, even as some die off from increasingly cold evenings.    My peppers are finally showing some productivity, which is promising.  I planted the bottoms of leeks a month ago and they’re growing.  So it’s not a complete loss and I need to celebrate my accomplishments.  My garden, as always, is a sanctuary for me and helps me feel connected to the Nature Spirits and agricultural cycles.

Still, I’m more hopeful for next year.  I’m also looking forward to a curious little one year old who would like to come outside with mama while she gardens!  I’m also hopeful to make it to more of the farmers’ markets and get back into canning.

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  1. Mine was the least productive I’ve had in a while too. I blame the grasshoppers. >_<

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