Stop, Drop (Everything), and Step Outside

Dear readers, I’d like to lead you on a very short active meditation.  You need this.  No, really – you do.

When you’re done reading this, I want you to go outside.  Look away from your large and small screens.  If you can’t go out (if you’re stuck in an office, for example, and it’s not lunchtime yet) – go to the nearest window.  Ideally, though, you should go outside.

Take stock of your surroundings.  What are the Nature Spirits doing?  Use the senses you were blessed with and take it in.  Breath deeply.


I’ve been doing a lot of this.  I’ve been keeping weekly devotionals inside at my altar.  I steal moments when Bee is asleep and do a Two Powers meditation while giving offerings and whispering words of thanks to the Kindreds.  But most days, especially workdays, there’s little time or quiet for such moments.  So I seek the outside world.  I go to my patio.  Lately, I’ve been going out and observing the changing trees.  Autumn brings out their brilliance!  Sometimes I feel it’s too easy to get lost in the concept of autumn and miss out on what it actually is.  What I mean is, we modern Pagans are busy talking and thinking about autumn for our rituals and altars, but we need to actually observe it and experience those changes first hand.  It’s as easy as stepping outside to look, listen, smell, touch, and taste (as is the case with visiting a local cider mill, for example!)  It’s also a good time to engage those other senses.  What do you feel in your heart and mind?

Turn off the TV or the radio.  The podcasts will wait.  Ask your family to join you in a moment of silence.  Can you hear the geese honking as they journey to warmer climates?  Can you hear the chatter of the chipmunks as they busily prepare for the winter?  Go on an autumn scavenger hunt.  Kiddos love this activity!  Bring a magnifying glass and lose yourself in the veins of a fallen oak leaf.

Do you live in a city?  What changes do you notice there?  No, really, tell me!  My urban experience is very limited and I would love to know what you’re observing.

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

4 thoughts on “Stop, Drop (Everything), and Step Outside

  1. It’s warm enough to have the windows open, sun shining small birds singing as they forage, and an epic walk awaits! You re so right with this post.

  2. Beautiful warm summer returned today, this last half of Autumn. Slowly I see the changes all around me, the leaves changing and falling, the abundant forage slowly vanishing. Dread winter is moving ever forward, and I have no great love for winter.

  3. I spend a lot of time on interstate highways and at truck stops. I’m usually awake for sunrise, but I’m often asleep before sunset.

    I often see birds flying across the road and sometimes the scenery is gorgeous.

  4. So true! I really neglected my nature walks this summer, but have started up again during my favorite season of fall. It’s definitely an activity good for the soul!

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