Moongazing: A New Personal Tradition?

Moongazing – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2013


 The moon is out in all its glory!  I felt absolutely giddy at the sight of it and had to go out.  Only…  baby girl wanted to be held and I wanted to drink some lactation tea…  Inspiration struck!  Why not just go out to sit and gaze at the moon with Bee?  Why not sip my tea in its light?  Heck, why not add some extra ambiance and light a white candle?  Why not bring my crystal ball out to charge?  

Yeah. Why not?

My father recently brought us some lawn chairs and I already had a little patio table.  I set myself up, put Bee in a cozy sleeper, grabbed a blanket, and enjoyed the view.  My daughter seemed thrilled to look at the big light in the sky.  

I’ve been trying to keep my milk supply up now that I’m back at work.  She feeds on demand when I’m home, but I still worry due to how stressful my schedule is at work.  I’ve been drinking lactation tea, but today felt like a day for some milky, sympathetic magic*.  I drank cows milk this morning because I was craving it, and I remembered the adage that like begets like.  I thought of sympathetic magic again while I was sitting beneath the moon.  It looks like a bowl of milk.  I poured some lactation tea as an offering to my Ancestral Mothers in thanks for the knowledge they have passed down to me and others.  I finished my tea and we went back inside.  

I enjoyed moongazing.  It is family-oriented, doesn’t take a lot of time away from my family obligations at this time, celebrates the lunar cycles, and lends itself well to folk magic or simple rites of offering.  I think this will become a tradition for me.  


* Come to think of it, I should really do some research on lactation lore!

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7 thoughts on “Moongazing: A New Personal Tradition?

  1. I thought the harvest moon was tomorrow night? could be wrong. Either way the moon is beautiful tonight. There is something truly inspirational about it.

    1. Brighid is the Goddess I work with most, and I make offerings to her very often. At that time, I felt called to offer to the Ancestral Mothers. Honestly, I need to do more to honor my ancestors in general. I took that pull to be their call. But yes, I have been praying and offering to Brighid for milk as well. 🙂

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