A Visit to the Hedge


Goldenrod by the Hedge – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2013

The warm temperatures linger and school isn’t in session yet, but I feel autumn in the air.  The farmers’ markets are teeming with bounty. During our walks, Weretoad and I have spied some changing leaves!  The hedges have also shifted in color.  The warm green is starting to give way to the tans of dried grasses, the deep maroon of curly dock, and the crisp yellows of marigold.

While baby was napping, I left her with my husband and took a short walk along the hedge.  It felt nice to go out on my own, even for a little bit.  I miss my forays into the forest, but that will come again.  It was nice to visit the hedge and see the changes.  The aforementioned marigold was alive with bees and wasps gorging on nectar*.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any blackberries on the bushes this year.  I’m not sure why.  The precious year’s harvest was low because of the extreme heat and lack of rain.  Many of the berries dried up before I got to them.  This year – nothing!  I wonder if it was the wet start to summer?

And speaking of reflecting on previous seasons, last Imbolc I was sad not to have any reeds to weave into Brighid crosses.  I used locally grown dry lavender I happened to have, and Northern Rivers ended up using pipe cleaners to keep things easy.  I decided that I would gather the drying grasses come Lughnasadh for future crosses.  Although I’m a few weeks late, the grass is still dry and ready for picking!  I gathered a small bouquet and headed home as the deer flies had taken notice of me**.  I will be gathering more for my protogrove to use for the wheel is turning and, before we know it, the hedges will be covered with An Cailleach’s frosted cloak and Imbolc will have come.

* I’ve been reading about goldenrod online and I discovered it has some interesting lore and herbal uses!  This is a neat read, as is this.

** Thank goodness for the Outsiders of the Nature kin – they keep us humble!

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  1. I’ve had a good crop of blackberries down here… and more red raspberries than I’ve seen before!

  2. There are plenty of blackberries here in Colchester. I also see the changes in the trees, it seems so short since leaves appeared, now the autumn is moving in fast.

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