Druid on the Run: Back in the Game!

It’s been awhile since I blogged about my physical fitness goals as they relate to my spirituality.  Too long, in fact.  Time to get back in the game!

The day after my cesarean section, the nurses and doctors were adamant that I get up to walk around.  Those first few steps were some of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I took them and felt amazing after I did.  Exhausted, but amazing all the same.  It was akin to the accomplishment I felt after going further and for longer durations each time I went out to run last summer.

Only this time it was walking.  I never thought I’d feel so good about little baby steps.

The walking has continued, mostly thanks to my encouraging husband who pushes me as much as himself.  We both want to start running again but know I can just get up and jog.  I have to take things slow.  And so, just about every night, we’ve been going for walks around the neighborhood.  It started with simply going around the block, then up and down a couple streets.  Now we’ve widened our distance to the rest of the town.  We go a little further each time.  Last night we walked over two miles!

Baby Bee comes along for the ride, wrapped against my heart.  She usually sleeps.  Occasionally she stares wide-eyed at the sky and trees.  Sometimes she cries and demands feeding, so I’ve figured out how to do that while wearing her.

It’s important to me that I get back in shape.  My husband and I both want to run again.  My goal is to continue walking until the winter, then, hopefully ,take up cross-country skiing when the snow accumulates.  Next spring and summer, we intend to start running with Couch to 5K again.  Ultimately, I want to run in a 5K race.  I know I might not be ready by next summer, but I definitely want to participate in some of the local races in 2015.

Walking has been a great way for me to keep in touch with the local Nature Spirits.  I’m reluctant to go into the woods on my own like I used to because I feed Baby Bee on demand.  I’m equally reluctant to take her with me because of the overgrowth and the high tick count we’ve had this summer.  (Before I go back to work and things get really busy once more, I’m hoping we can go to an actual maintained hiking trail to enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest safely!)  So walks through the neighborhood have been great, especially because there are plenty of trees, a lovely park, and bridges with great views of the Indian River.  Self-improvement, time outdoors, time with my tribe – what’s not to love?

The Indian River – photo by Weretoad, 2013

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