Gardening Update

It’s the end of May and, despite the dip in temperatures, my patio garden is in full swing!  I didn’t expand the way I wanted to (no potatoes this year), but our budget, my pregnancy, and our upcoming move have made it necessary to make do with what we have.  Although the new apartment will be bigger, I’m not sure I’ll have as much patio space.  I might have to get creative.

Weretoad has taken a more active role in the gardening this year which is very exciting.  I can’t do as much bending.  It exhausts me, gives me an achey back, and brings on Braxton Hicks contractions.  He helped me mix and amend soil, move heavy pots, and transplanted just about everything.  The tomatoes looked a little wilted at first, but they’re perking up and looking stronger each day!

I need to do some more work.  There are plants that need repotting and herbs that need trimming.  I’ve been making chive-infused vinegar which is great for salads!  I have enough fresh lemon balm and mint to harvest for some tea.  I need to harvest woad to dry for future dying experiments!

As always, spending time in the garden brings me so much joy.  The bigger I become, the more clumsy I am and the more I ache.  I haven’t been in a forest since earlier this month.  I miss the enclosure of trees, the smell of rotting leaves, and the moss, but the garden helps me feel connected to the natural world.

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4 thoughts on “Gardening Update

  1. You have just made long to be inside a forest in the worst way 😛

    I didn’t do any gardening this year due to an upcoming move. I would have started plants just to have to leave them 😦 Yours look beautiful though!

    1. Well get out into a forest and enjoy it for me!

      Yeah, moving just complicates everything. Thankfully my entire garden is in containers so it makes it a little easier.

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