Study study study! Work work work!

I seem to go through a cycle of three settings – study, experience, and lazy bum.  Occasionally the study and experience join forces and I truly feel like I’m living the path of a Druid, balancing the two in a beautiful dance of books, meditations, walks in the forest, and discussion groups.  Recently, I’ve been going through one of those rare periods which is exciting.  Having Northern Rivers Protogrove so close to home definitely helps.  It motivates me to continue my studies, organize opportunities for others to learn and grow, and insists that I keep practicing so that I can live up to the work I’m trying to do.

Spring break helped too.  It’s amazing what I was able to get done…  For example, my Liturgy 1 essay for the Naturalist Guild study program was approved after a couple revisions.  I’m very proud of the work I did on that essay!  I may share it eventually, but I’m waiting for the same essay to get reviewed for the Initiate and Generalist study programs.

I’ve also realized just how much I do on a weekly basis that can count towards some of my ADF study program essays.  Journaling about time in nature?  Why wasn’t I working on that sooner.  Hell, I might just go back through my blog and find the various entries I’ve done on such experiences to flesh it out.  Journal about a piece of art made for a grove?  Why didn’t I start that sooner?  Like when I made that altar cloth for Samhain!?  Record and reflect on divination I’ve done?  I could have finished the required amount of work for that essay long ago had I been journaling consistently!

I’m hoping I can keep this pace up for a bit.  I know that my priorities will be shifting very soon and a new setting will dominate my focus – mama.

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6 thoughts on “Study study study! Work work work!

  1. It’s great to point out that we’re not all “model Druids!” Sometimes we are human and get lazy, but other times we want to study hard to improve ourselves! Great post, Grey!


  2. I go through similar cycles. I like to think of them as “mini seasons,” that the burn out/come down from all that growth needs a few days (or sometimes weeks) of quiet reflection. I used to give myself a hard time, but now I just realize it’s part of the natural cycle.

    Congratulations on your essay for the Naturalist Guild. So far it’s the only guild I’ve applied for, so when you feel comfortable, I’d really love to read your essay.


  3. Replace ‘lazy’ with ‘consolidating’. Those times of not doing can involve a lot of unconscious digeston, and are actully part of the learning process. 🙂

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