The Blessed Gift of Friendship

A unakite Goddess figurine from a dear friend.


A couple days ago, I came home and discovered a little surprise at my door – a package!  I soon realized it was from my friend Daughter RavynStar.  What makes this gift extra special is that she is leaving the North Country tomorrow, moving to warmer climates.  I’m very sad to see her go, but we can’t always control the changes life brings.  I met her in the summer of 2012, so we only had a few months to get to know each other.  The circumstances of our meeting and parting give me such warm feelings about friendship and the North Country Druidic Study Group.

You see, RavynStar and I probably wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for the study group.  And even then, she might not have found out about it if I hadn’t reached out to her on Witchvox.  Ah, that old networking site…  It’s an oldie but a tried and true goodie!  Her bio stated that she had attended an ADF grove in Alaska and remained interested – so I sent her a message and she responded!  I know how dodgy it can be meeting people and making friends online, but things are so spread out in Northern NY.  It’s difficult to meet like-minded people.  If you play it safe, it can be worth reaching out.

RavynStar was with the North Country Druidic Study Group from the very beginning.  She made it to just about every gathering, opened her home up for ritual planning, and helped prepare for and clean up after our events.  She has a great personality – grounded while, at the same time, very passionate and spiritual.  We clicked and it was so easy to talk.

Originally, she was supposed to come to our upcoming business meeting and social outing, but plans changed and she’s leaving earlier than anticipated – hence the package.  Inside I found a book called “Birthing From Within” by Pam England and Rob Horowitz.  It’s supposed to be about a holistic approach the childbirth – not just labor, but the whole paradigm shift I am experiencing.  I am very much looking forward to it.  RavynStar has two children of her own and I trust her experiences and thoughtful addition to my library.

She also sent the Goddess stone pictured above.  It came in a purple organza bag covered in golden stars.  Within was a prayer from RavynStar and information about the stone, unakite.  She felt the stone was appropriate for me because of it’s association with healing and healthy pregnancies.  She also liked the fiery, watery quality of it – reminding her of Brighid, my patron Goddess.  Apparently, she started a tradition when she left Texas (coming from a military family, she’s experienced many comings and goings in the Pagan community).  Before leaving, she gave little Goddess figurines to her “soul sisters.”  She’s continued that tradition, and now I’ve received one!  To her, it is a symbol of our friendship and the deep connection we’ll always have no matter the distance.  I cried when I read her letter.  What a beautiful, moving tradition!  Not only did it speak of the power of sisterhood and friendship, but it confirmed something I have been feeling strongly – the core of the North Country Druidic Study Group is becoming a group of friends – a spiritual family, even!  We all work together, share our thoughts and emotions, and support each other.  It’s the sign of a healthy group, one that has the potential to mature into something even more special.

RavynStar’s gift reminded me just how precious friendship is.  Individuals may only cross paths for a short time and may never see each other again, but the impact can be tremendous.  I believe this is especially so when you experience  spiritual growth together.  You are forever connected by that time and those lessons.

I plan to make a special pregnancy crane bag to hold various charms important to me for labor.  Even if I can’t hold it during that time, I will keep it near me or have my husband hold onto it.  That lovely Goddess charm, so full of feminine magic, healing, and friendship will definitely have a place in the bag! For now, it’s on my altar near Brighid.

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

7 thoughts on “The Blessed Gift of Friendship

  1. That is such a beautiful, moving thing to do! And I have to admit that Goddess figurine is lovely. It makes perfect sense why Unakite would be associated with Brigid~ 😀

  2. Oh – tears – bittersweet tears… I wish you much love, joy, luck & success! I believe we all cross paths for one reason or another & it’s been such a blessing to have walked the Path with you & the North Country Druidic Study Group, despite how brief the journey was for me. The journey is not over yet, and there are so many paths to wander & explore…hoping for a rendezvous someday 🙂 We’ll still be in touch though 🙂

  3. “Birthing From Within” is a really intense book. I had to take a few months to work though it, as if you have any lingering “Motherhood Issues” it will bring them out! If you don’t already have a copy of Ina May’s “Guide to Childbirth” go buy it right now. Absolutely best book about giving birth out there, and full of inspiring and empowering stories! Best of luck!

    1. Some other friends who have experienced birth and are equally interested in natural birth also recommend Ina May’s book. I am definitely going to get a copy! Thank you for the reply!

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