Pregnancy Lore

A huge thanks to Woden’s Wandering Witch for the amazing resources on pregnancy lore in Norse and Irish cultures.

I really related to her Irish post, where she states that she is avoiding intense spiritual work because of the general belief that unborn babies are very vulnerable to such forces.  I did one trance working shortly after finding out I was pregnant.  It was part of a drum circle and was very powerful and moving.  My spirit guide carried me to a circle of women – my ancestral mothers – who were dancing in a circle.  Brighid danced with them over the fire they spun around.  I joined them as a mother and a future ancestor.  It was very moving and affirming – but I haven’t felt the need to do any more.  I’ve done some shallow meditations just to calm myself.  I pray.  I do divination. I make offerings.  Otherwise, I rest.

I am definitely going to be on the lookout for more pregnancy and childbirth lore.



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3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Lore

  1. Please do share with us whatever you find! This is something I am curious about since I don’t really hear anything about it.

    Congratulations again on your pregnancy!


  2. I personal believe there is a vital power in pregnancy. I’m sure you know the story of Cruinniuc;s wife Macha and the chariot race against Connor’s horse team. Do not incur the wrath of a woman with child!

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